Royal Kidz School

What is the cost of aftercare after 6pm?

Aftercare is included in your child's tuition up to 6:00pm and is a cost of $1.00 per minute after the hour of 6:00pm.

Does my child need to be pottly trained to attend Royal Kidz?

No way! Your child is certainly welcomed before he or she is potty trained. Your kid will get will get there! We help our parents achieve this difficult milestone together.

What age does Royal Kidz begin accepting students?

We accept kids as young as 5 months old.

Can I pay tuition in cash?

Unfortunately Royal Kidz is a Cash free zone. We do have 2 convenient options for payment however: Bank Deposits (Scotia Bank) and; Wire Tansfers

Are uniforms manditory?

Yes. Uniforms are a manditory component of enrollment here at Royal Kidz School.

Can I purchase my own uniforms and have the crest added to them?

We are so sorry. Our uniforms are purchased abroad and are guided by a strict brand and color coding which we prefer to manage in house to insure our Royal Kidz brand is well maintained. It is unfortunate however at the moment, all uniforms must be purchased from the school.

Does the tuition for your Mackey Street & Gladstone Rd Location differ?

Nope. All of our locations are priced at the exact same rates.

Royal Kidz Summer Camp

Is there a daily rate for your Summer Camp?

Are there academic offerings included in your summer program?